Support for the Yazidi fundraiser

Support for the Yazidi fundraiser page here   The Yazidi are a small ethnic/religious group that historically reside in northern Iraq. The Yazidi have undergone persecution for centuries, but recently have faced genocide at the hands of ISIS. In August of 2014 ISIS attacked the Sinjar area where most of the Yazidis lived. Many people had… Continue reading Support for the Yazidi fundraiser

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Salmon Wakes

Today, I am tired. It is our third week of 16-hour days. 7 days a week. Of ringing phones and constant emergencies, questions, endless paperwork, a crush of pressure to get it all done NOW. And you know what? Compared to everyone else around here, I have it easy. The cannery workers have been working… Continue reading Salmon Wakes

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Rough Weather and Mercury Retrograde Hit the Fleet

So far: 1 blown engine 1 leaking gas tank 1 hole in a something something that almost sank the boat 1 brailer bag in a prop 1 broken bow thruster 2 midnight naked swims to save the boat 1 dislocated shoulder 1 smashed finger 2 almost sinkings 2 overboards (all survived) 1 something something else… Continue reading Rough Weather and Mercury Retrograde Hit the Fleet

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The Fleet Departs

Bristol Bay salmon season officially opens on June 25th. On that day, each fisherman is required to have registered with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) which river district they will be fishing in. Egegik, Ugashik, Nushagak, or Naknek-Kvichak. In the weeks before what is known to us as “Blue Card Day” (in… Continue reading The Fleet Departs

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Down In Bristol Bay

Today is 12th day of my 9th salmon season in beautiful Bristol Bay.  Time here is strange… the sun is up 20 hours a day and we work 90 hours a week at the moment, creating something like one long endless day.  12 days feels like 12 weeks.  Or more accurately, it feels exactly as… Continue reading Down In Bristol Bay

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We only spent 30 minutes in Wrangell.  Given another few days for our trip, I would have stayed at least a night here.  It was Sunday afternoon and very quiet, but I imagine Wrangell is always pretty quiet.  I've been told they have a good selection of restaurants (compared to Petersburg, that is).  Here are some… Continue reading Wrangell

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The Ferry

Mom and I took the M/V Malaspina from Bellingham, WA to Petersburg, AK.  Here she is leaving Petersburg. We were originally scheduled on the M/V Columbia, which is apparently bigger and faster, but the Columbia was still down for winter repairs, so the Malaspina it was.  We'd reserved a 2 berth, outside cabin (with a window) but ended… Continue reading The Ferry

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Coming Into the Country

Sometime early in the morning on the second night, as we slept the deep sleep of those on vacation, the ferry crossed over into Alaskan waters.  Hurrah!  Mom woke me at 6 a.m. with the news that she could see Ketchikan in the distance.  I hurried up to the deck to watch as we came… Continue reading Coming Into the Country

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Silently Scuttling on the Ceiling of the Sea*

The first night on the ferry, I woke at 3:30 a.m. Alaska time to the feel of the ship rolling heavily side to side. I couldn't see out, as we'd been given an inside cabin. Claustrophobia got the better of me and I couldn't go back to sleep without seeing what was going on outside,… Continue reading Silently Scuttling on the Ceiling of the Sea*