Wild Rose Tiny House

Tiny House Blog

Hello visitor!  I’ve been finished and living in my tiny house, Wild Rose, for almost two years, and yet I notice hits on this blog to my build posts almost daily.  Here is the list of those posts so you can find them easily.

Tiny Nest tours of Wild Rose Tiny House:



  1.  I’m Building A Tiny House!
  2. Why Build A Tiny House?
  3. Tiny House Trailer
  4. Building a Tiny House: The Five Requirements
  5. Building Plans (which I didn’t end up using)
  6. Windows and Insulation and Lumber, Oh My!: supplies
  7. Anxiety, Musings and Introducing my heroes TINY NEST
  8. Tiny House: A Spiritual/Philosophical Examination (and DMV info)
  9. It Begins: Iron Eagle Trailers and Caravan Tiny House Hotel in Portland
  10. The First Two Weekends: Floor
  11. Week 3: More Floor
  12. Week 4: Downsizing, subfloor
  13. Week 5: Walls
  14. Week 6: More Walls and Supplies
  15. Week 7: More walls, OSB sheathing, loft joists
  16. Week 8: The Roof!
  17. Week 9: More roof, gable ends, house wrap, (failed) attempt at a door
  18. Week 10: eaves, tarpaper, skylight
  19. Weeks 11 and 12: Metal roofing and skylight
  20. Week 13: Windows, Door, Sourcing Supplies (with links)
  21. Week 14: Materials, Materials, Materials
  22. Fundraiser Post, with cost to date at Week 15
  23. Week 15 and 16: wheel wells, lofts, electricity, utility box, windows and more!
  24. Weeks 17 and 18: windows, door, electric, composting toilet, exterior trim
  25. Weeks 19-21: exterior trim, siding, and insulation
  26. Week 22: insulation, venting the ceiling, cutting holes in the house, a Big Surprise
  27. Week 23: Interior siding, exterior staining, budgets, parking space
  28. I never wrote about the final two months of building, because I was also in college and working and panicking about my finish deadline looming.  I plan to go back and dredge up these memories, and photos, if I took any.
  29. Tiny House Living, the first two weeks
  30. Interior photos from the first winter
  31. One Year: Update

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