Pomes 1.14.17

What it is, is not lost.
It lives in the 
           between things
where everything
has already happened.
It is never lost.
We are here.
You and I 
are here now.
It is not lost only
- - - changing
has always been
we hold
stardust of galaxies
we hold
oceans & rivers
we hold
colonies & villages
we hold
we hold
we hold
- - -  millenia
of love & knowledge
in our bodies.
Those that came before
held it too.
It changed in the passing.
It will change again.
When /our/ fingertips
touch those to come
when /our/ hands go 
to dust.

tree songs 1 & 2

stand still feel the sun
edges close
wind is danger
gather together brethren
keep the ancestors fed
descendents sheltered under
sweeping branches
cousins lost in orderly forests
don't remember who they are
connection is here
roots reaching to touch


small creatures crawling on my skin
each footfall a caress
stand, wait, accept
there are many ways to be a lover

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