Wild Rose Tiny House

Tiny House Interior Pictures

These are all kinda dark, because I’m only home in the evenings and it’s January so evening starts at 4 o’clock, but you’ll get the gist.

Cabinet stairs to the sleeping loft, also my dresser.  Behind them are half steps, and above are black iron pipes for handrails.  Closet to the right with little fridge underneath
Tiny bathroom on the left.  No door yet, just a curtain.  Kitchen consists of a salvaged cabinet section with my old desk perpendicular to it, and stained pieces of psuedo-butcher block pine atop them.  I treated the countertops with 1. tung oil/mineral spirits 2. pure tung oil 3. 4 coats of Howard’s Butcher Block Conditioner (which I believe is tung oil + beeswax).  The counters are very easy to clean and water beads up on the surface nicely.  On the counter are many mason jars full of bulk rice/beans/dried fruit etc, a Travel Berkey filter for drinking water, and an Origo 3000 alcohol stove.  I plan someday to cut a hole in the counter and make a cavity for the stove to sit in, but for now I am tired of working.  There are shelves attached to the undersides of the loft joists for dishes and canned goods, and fruit, garlic and potatoes live in the hanging basket.  Above the sink/tub area is a wooden box that holds my toothbrush, contact solution etc, and the windowsill holds dish, hand and hair soap in mason jars.  
View of the main room from the kitchen.  Just to the right of the tub (you can see the piece of wood I keep over half the tub for drying dishes on the far left) is the Cubic Mini Woodstove Grizzly.  This thing is badass and gets the house super hot.  It is only I think 12″ square but I cook on it all the time.  I took the metal railing off the top and can fit most medium pots and pans up there.  I keep cast iron and a little metal pot hanging on the wall near the stove.  To the right of that is my 16×48″ desk.  It’s attached to the wall with brackets that aren’t really strong enough, someday I’ll add legs.  Below the desk in a set of shelves I made from 2×6 that also support the desk.  I keep library books, pens, schoolbooks, notebooks, and general office things on these shelves, as well as DVDs.  In the back of the house are the built in bookshelf/cabinets (aka the Haley A Scott Library) and in the middle a small couch with storage underneath.  Above this built in area is a second 3′ wide loft for storage.  On the far right is one of the only pieces of furniture not built in: an antique desk that was my great-grandmother’s.  It has been my altar for many years and I was happy to find a spot for it.  The little bench underneath it has storage (intended for sewing supplies) where I keep candles/incense/tarot cards and things like that.  On the floor, Honey Bear.
File_000 (1)
Dance studio!  It’s only 36″ wide and 48″ tall, but it completely suffices for most of my dance practice needs and I am so pleased to finally have a nice airy space to dance!!  The few guests I’ve had over so far have all commented on how spacious the house feels, and this is not only because of all the windows (9) but because I sacrificed bathroom space to make the living area big enough for dancing.  Bathing in my kitchen sink is worth it to be able to stretch out and move around.  I’ve been belly dancing for 15 years and I am so ready to take it to another level.
The sleeping loft is my favorite part of the house.  I have a full sized futon pushed to one side of the 7.5×7.5′ area, which leaves enough space on the other side for a small cedar chest made by my great-grandfather.  I keep personal things in the chest and use the top of it for a nightstand.  I have an old make-up case to hold a lamp which is on the downstairs desk temporarily, but the white christmas lights are enough light to read by.  In front of the cedar chest near the stairs is an old milk crate turned on it’s side… I keep socks and sweaters and a knitted hat in there in case it gets cold at night, which it never does.  The blanket is a king sized down comforter with a smaller fleece blanket on top and so far I’ve had to sleep in very light clothes or I wake up sweating in the early morning.  The bed is below the Fakro skylight that opens out like a door, and on the other half of the ceiling are glow stars.  Out the skylight are many trees and lying in bed at night reading with the twinkly white lights and then turning them off to see glow stars and the dark silhouettes of trees out the window has made for very magical transitions to dreamland.  I have outlets on either side of the bed and I keep my phone charged there at night, and tucked between the futon and the wall are a fire extinguisher and 2 story fire ladder in case of an emergency.  I sleep like a child in here.
The foyer.  An area of the house that I put exactly zero thought into.  It is created by the walls of the bathroom and the closet.  I use this area a surprising amount… one of those things I just didn’t foresee during planning.  I keep coats, scarves, dog leash, backpack, raingear, bike helmet, purse, and keys hanging on hooks (not enough hooks!).  I keep my Xtra tuf boots here.  I keep things here that are going to be removed from the house when I next leave (recycling, trash, Goodwill donations, compost).  I’m not sure there was anyway that I could have realistically expanded this area, but I wish there was at the very least more space for boots.  It will be better when I get more hooks, I think.  Also once I get a covered front porch built, then I can keep boots and raingear and most of this stuff outside the door.
File_001 (1)
the view from my desk. 

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  1. Hey there,
    I’m writing an article about off grid “must have” items. I would like to credit a blog from each province or territory to get people connected. I looked over your blog and think it’s really neat.
    Where are you located? I’m having a difficult time finding Canadian bloggers. If you are interested in being featured, would you be able to send me your top 2-3 items that you can’t live without? They can be big or small. For example one of our top items is a fireproof glove that keeps us from burning ourselves when we use the fireplace.
    The article will be posted on livingtinycanada.com.
    Thank you,

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