Wild Rose Tiny House

Tiny House Build Weeks 17 and 18

So much got done these two weeks!!  First, Dad and Capn’ Fingers came over and we got most of the windows installed and the door hung, kinda.

20150914_121116 20150914_121509

20150914_150912 IMG_20150919_183205

I didn’t take very many pictures the last few weeks because I forgot my fancy camera in Olympia and I’m basically a crazed work obsessed maniac these days, but 8 out of 9 windows are in.  I waited on the stained glass, because it is a tricky installation and my stepdad Jerry has a Plan.  Also, I needed to strip the paint and restain it, which worked well.

paint stripper is no joke! burns like a mofo too. don’t get it on your skin.
Before/After. the wood is not near as dark as it looks in this picture, but I am happy.
Before/After. the wood is not near as dark as it looks in this picture, but I am happy.

I am back in Olympia now and Jerry says he’ll install the window sometime when I’m gone and it will be a surprise.  Aw.  I think he just wants me done and out of his carport so he can buy more trucks to work on… 😀  Kidding.  Kinda.

The primed wood that we bought for the door jamb turned out to be particleboard, and the purple paint is peeling and looks like crap, AND the door is still slightly wonky, so Dad is going to get some real wood and reinstall the door this weekend and I’m going to stain the jamb the same color as the loft joists.


but for now, pretty cool to have a door!

In the middle of the week I packed up all my stuff, moved to Olympia, and started my new job at the college library.

bibliophile’s dream job
two of my new roomies

The house has a gigantic backyard and an RV gate, and I’ll be moving the house down in a month or so, once the siding is done and I get licensed.

After training for three days, I went back to Monroe for almost a week to get some more work done.  Mostly, flashing the windows, fixing up the stained glass frame, and putting a roof on the utility box, which I didn’t take any pictures of.  There was a slight hiccup when I realized rain is going to blow underneath the ridges of the metal roof panels and right onto the section of wall without siding behind the utility box… so as usual, I couldn’t finish and had to pause while I wait for some more foam closure strips to arrive at Chinook Lumber.

snuggle break
snuggle break

I spent one day in Seattle at the salvage yards, where I came up with an awesome plan for interior framing, closet and stairs, which I will share later.  In the evening I went out to Marysville and helped Capn’ Fingers pull his net back into the truck.

IMG_20150921_181941 IMG_20150921_181904

Next, we got electrical roughed in!! Kyle came over in the afternoon one day and we banged it out in a couple hours.  There are still a few round boxes to wire for lights once I make a final decision on what is going where, but it’s about 95% done.  May all the gods bless brothers, especially electrician brothers.

IMG_20150920_143145 20150920_131729

loving this light fixture for the reading nook
loving this light fixture for the reading nook

My urine separator arrived from Ecovita.  It’s a simple funnel and I have a plan for a box to build to accomodate the poo bucket, pee container, toilet paper and sawdust or whatever I use for coverage material.  Also to be revealed later (i.e. when I’ve figured it out as I’m building it).

IMG_20150918_205240IMG_20150918_211035I spent yesterday before I came back to Olympia putting up window trim.  I used 1×3 cedar and just boxed in the windows… no fancy angle cuts for me.  I like how it looks.  I’m using unstained bevel cedar for the siding, so will go in and stain the trim a darker brown later.


And finally, Jake and Kiva from Tiny Nest came to visit!  We babbled about our house builds and then shot a follow up video.  They came out and did a tour video in April before there was a roof.  So good to see them.  I’ll post a link to the video once it’s up, although I was tired and very, very ramble-y.  Oh well.

tiny house friends are awesome
tiny house friends are awesome

Back to Olympia now for 2 days of work and 1 day of new student orientation, and then back to work this weekend.  I’m simultaneously so pumped to see the house starting to really come together, and completely exhausted with all the chaos and ready to have the thing done already.  Just a few more months.



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