Wild Rose Tiny House

Tiny House Build Fundraiser

Because it is truly the case that building a tiny house (or anything, I imagine) takes twice as long and costs twice as much as you think it will, I’ve started a Crowdrise account.  It isn’t a Kickstarter.  There’s no goal, there’s no rewards, and there’s no deadline.  I worked all spring (Domino’s!) and summer (71 days! 940 hours!) and have been gifted all kinds of money and supplies and time and yet, here it is September 1st, school is starting in 2 weeks, and my ability to earn cash money has come to an end until next summer.  I have to move into the house in January so am having to get creative.

Here is my spending on the house so far, by category:

Appliances: 574
Education: 275
Etc: 570
Fascia: 140
Subfloor: 623
Flooring: 300
Door: 100
Insulation: 868
Metal Roofing: 700
Paint/Stain: 152
Plans: 22
Plumbing: 135
Roof Lumber: 41
Sheathing: 240
Siding: 250
Skylight: 722
Structural: 50
Toilet: 15
Trailer: 4,057
Walls: 876
Windows: 1,061
Lights: 35

Total to Date: 11,804

Here is what is left, all estimates:

Licensing: 300
water heater: 150
Ventilation fan: 60
Electric and lights: 600
Plumbing: 200
Insulation: 200
Origo alcohol stove: 250
Interior paneling: 500
Woodstove: 2,500
Loft flooring: 100
Stain: 50
Interior framing and built ins: 500
Trim: 200
Unplanned expenses and Acts of God: 500-???

Total Estimate Left to Buy: 6,000

I’m not going to make a big deal out of this fundraiser… I trust that things will work out eventually (they have so far) and if it comes down to it I can always sell Honey Bear on the black market.

006 (3)

Just kidding.  Thanks in advance for reading and any assistance given will be repaid (as I have noted on the Crowdrise page) with gratitude, love, tiny house tours, home cooked meals, and help on any building project out there… now that I have the skills and knowledge to be of use 🙂



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