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Tiny House Build Week 14 – Materials, Materials, Materials

Not a lot of visual progress on the house this week, but a ton of stressful logistical stuff taken care of.  Mom and I went down to Earthwise and Second Use in Seattle to look for windows, siding, flooring and interior paneling.  I found some fir flooring I liked, but at $4 a square foot it was close to the same price as new and over my budget.  Also found some cedar tongue and groove paneling at $.25 a linear foot, but not enough to cover even the ceiling.  I did find a window to replace the big stained glass window that couldn’t be repaired.  It’s a bit smaller but it’ll do, once I fill in the wall framing.  Dad and I drove out to Barmon Lumber in Sultan to check out siding that same day and bought a ‘slide’ of 8′ beveled cedar for $.25 a linear foot.  It totals about 2700 linear feet which is almost 3x what I need, but Dad took the rest for a project at his house, leaving my bill for siding at $250.  Score!!!!

I don't have a picture of any of this, so here is Bear
I don’t have a picture of any of this, so here is Bear

While at Barmon, I asked about cedar tongue and groove paneling and they pointed me at their pine T&G for $.39 LF.  I bought a sample piece to test different stains.  I don’t like light colored wood and wanted to make sure I could darken it to my gothic color palate.  I answered an ad on CL for 175 square feet of leftover engineered hardwood flooring someone had from a project, and ended up buying it for $300.  While I was in Bellevue picking it up I went by Daly’s Paint and grabbed some sample stains.  My stepdad is a painting contractor and he recommended Daly’s.  I tested out the stains on the sample piece of pine and found I liked best a 50/50 mixture of English Oak and Walnut.


So, boom, siding, interior paneling and flooring taken care of.  This was a relief.

Interior of the door, loft joist, flooring. I'm liking the variety of wood
Interior of the door, loft joist, flooring. I’m liking the variety of wood

We had a big windstorm over the weekend that knocked out the power, so I spent yesterday painting all my white vinyl windows, and the eventual door jamb, purple.  Remember, goth color palette.  I don’t do white.

looks like an oompa loompa exploded in the carport

I was a bit unsure how to get into all the little nooks and crannies of the window frames, but stepdad Jerry suggested I get a matching shade of spray paint and use that on the inside.  I couldn’t find the exact color but the spray paint worked like a dream, and I got an unexpected two toned look on the windows that I really like.

this needs another coat of spray paint

I also decided to change the dull green frame of the stained glass to match the other purple windows.  We’ll see if I regret that or not.  I love purple, but that purple is REALLY PURPLE.

I am an impatient and not very talented painter, but I will make it look good eventually

I also got the loft joists installed with a cordless drill while the power was out.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to maneuver them into their spots above the windows, but only one was an issue.  I cut 4 inches off the end and got it in place with plenty of room for drilling the ends into the studs.  How did you cut it with the power off, you might ask?  Jerry had a generator going to keep the fridge on, and we plugged a saw into it and I made the cuts right there in the grass.  This suburban raised and ex-city living girl was pretty tickled at that.


Today, I finished painting the windows and started boxing in the wheel wells with 2×2 lumber, per the ever inspirational guidance of Tiny Nest Project.  I also fixed the oversized framing on one of the windows with some cedar fenceposts I picked up at Lowe’s, and it fit just fine.  Dad came over to consult with me on upcoming projects and while we couldn’t get it flashed due to the rain, we did get one window installed.


After he left, I was mucking about in the carport doing something and then turned around and saw the house with the window and the light shining from inside, and suddenly it was a HOUSE.  An entity, with a personality and a function, not just a bunch of wood and metal.  I said out loud, Oh hello there!!  And I swear, the House smiled back.


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