Wild Rose Tiny House

Update: Anxiety, Time Restraints, Absent Dad, A Resource

Just a short update on the house.  Mom and I are driving down to Portland one week from tomorrow to pick up the trailer.  I’ve been working nonstop, took a trip to Portland last week to help a friend move to Seattle… almost bought a sizeable amount of leftover denim insulation down there from someone else’s tiny house build but decided against it.  It was 6″ thick and my walls will be 4″.  I have almost all the money for the rest of the trailer payment in my bank account and have to squirrel together another $100 from tips to finish it off.  Then, the next paycheck will (hopefully) cover lumber, nails, flashing etc for the floor.

Dad, aka The Experienced Builder, will be in England until the end of March, which means I’ll be starting the floor without him.  I have promised help from various friends but still… knowing Dad won’t be there at the beginning is sort of terrifying, but also fitting.  I want to learn to build a house and Dad is my crutch, so it will be scary but ultimately good to have to start fully on my own.  I’ve been reading/watching videos of other people’s tiny house builds and the reality of how long all of this stuff takes is setting in.  I hope to have the house framed, sheathed and roofed by the time I leave for Alaska at the end of May, working only on the weekends… I don’t know if that is realistic.    I haven’t decided on what kind of moisture barrier to use on the bottom layer of the house, what to do if the recessed area of my floor is 6″ when a 2×6 is 5 1/2″, whether or not to use pressure treated lumber, where to get the last pieces of 4″ rigid foam insulation I need, what kind of nails to use, whose tools to borrow until Dad gets home.. etc etc etc.  Ah!  Is how I feel.  I am utterly consumed by this project day in and day out, and we haven’t started building it yet.

It’s going to happen no matter what.  It might take longer and cost more than I anticipate, but that will be dealt with.  One day at a time!

Meanwhile, these people are my new favorite humans in the world for these wonderful, informative, and adorable videos (using the exact same trailer as mine, no less):


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