Wild Rose Tiny House

Building Plans for the Wild Rose Tiny House

Hey, she has a name!

I am going to loosely use the Caspar Cottage plans from tinyhousedesign.com.  I like the Caspar plan because it was $9.95 and came with a lumber list.

I’ve also been using the Moschata plan from THE small HOUSE CATALOG for inspiration and guidance.  It has an optional dormer add-on plan, and is free.

Both of these plans have disclaimers along the lines of, “These plans have not been reviewed by an architect and we hold no liability for whatever you use them for”.  I have the assistance of my father, an experienced builder, who says we can use these plans as a guide and make whatever modifications necessary required for my specific trailer and my specific design.  I don’t know what I would do without him, although after hours of research I feel a thousand times more knowledgeable than even a few weeks ago on these matters.

I like the plans for the Tiny Living house at tinyhomebuilders.com.  It apparently has a lot more detail and you can get the SketchUp plans and a materials list.  If I was doing this with less help, I might go that route.  It’s $349.  Other options are to hire a designer and/or builder, which would add a pretty penny to the final build cost but would give you peace of mind if you weren’t born to a crafty blue collar DIY garage, car and airplane builder Alabama boy like my pops.

Some of the changes I’m making to the Caspar plan: adding a dormer in the sleeping loft for some more headroom. Removing the small porch and moving the door to the side of the house towards the front, opening into the kitchen under the sleeping loft.  Moving almost all of the windows to one side of the house for passive solar heating and cooling (more on that later).  My trailer is designed with recessed crossmembers, so the subfloor is built into the trailer rather than on top of it, which adds 6 inches of headroom to the inside, so the wall height from these plans will have to be modified… I think?  Much of this I’ll figure out as I go…


This is my tentative floor plan. Each square is 6″ (which actually leaves 2″ on each direction out. This will be dealt with).  From the bottom left, clockwise: toilet closet with composting toilet.  L-shaped kitchen counter.  3’x2’x2′ galvanized steel horse trough for use as kitchen sink and bathing. There will also be a removable wooden cover for the tub to make more counter space if needed.  Wood stove (With heat shield on kitchen and wall sides and underneath).  Fold down desk.  Along the back short wall is a built in unit with 2 bookshelves on either side of a 4’x2′ reading nook (aka ‘couch’.  I prefer reading nook).  On the other long side is an open wall that will have a big mirror for dance practice and will probably have some kind of small table and chairs that can be moved out of the way easily.  Small, steep set of stairs, facing the woodstove, with drawers built in.  2’x2′ closet.  Dutch door.  The side of the house with the sink and desk will have the windows and there will be a big window in the reading nook as well.  Considering something small on the opposite wall to create a little light and cross-ventilation, like boat portholes.  The dotted lines indicate where the lofts will end.  Above the kitchen/bathroom area is the sleeping loft which is roughly 8’x8′ with 4.5′ of height, and above the reading nook is a smaller 3′ wide loft for storage and, in a pinch, guests.  There will be a window in the storage loft, and quite a few small windows in the sleeping loft plus an opening skylight (for escape hatch purposes).  Opening windows over the desk as well for escape.

I’ve been working 5 days a week delivering pizzas and 2 days a week cab driving and I’m pooped, but have piled up $1000 for the house in 3 weeks.  Bought 18 sheets of 4x8x1.5″ rigid foam insulation from a kind man on Craigslist last week which I think will go in the ceiling.  Going to Seattle Tuesday to pick up some 4″ rigid foam insulation for the floor from someone else on CL and also going to pick out windows at Earthwise Building Salvage and Second Use, both near the West Seattle bridge.  I’m going to buy the best windows at the right size that I can afford now with the money I have (about $600).  Tomorrow I’m going to check out Skagit Building Salvage in Mount Vernon, which I’ve been told is ah-MAH-zing (eternal props if you get that quote).

I’m knackered already and we haven’t even started building but overall this is one of the most fun, exciting and engrossing things I’ve ever done.  Weeee!

middle of the night planning with a rare witness to take a picture

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