Wild Rose Tiny House

Tiny House Trailer has been ordered!


I’ve ordered a 20′ tiny house trailer from Iron Eagle Trailers in Fairview, OR (near Portland). The wheel wells are the maximum 8’6″ wide (to be road legal) and the side bars extend out 8’4″, leaving 2″ for exterior siding and giving me an extra foot of width inside the house if I build the walls over the fenders (many people build inside the wheel wells). I believe there is something with the axles being dropped that will allow me to build my subfloor into the trailer instead of on it, giving an extra 3-4″ of headroom but I’m slightly confused by this. Iron Eagle makes these trailers specifically for tiny houses and work with PAD in Portland. I ordered the optional leveling jacks welded to the four corners, and flashing around the wheel wells to keep water from getting into the walls. The total cost was $4060, which is painful to type but is something like 1/3 or 1/4 of my entire budget. I’m going to use as much reclaimed or used material as possible but the two things I don’t want to mess with are the trailer and the woodstove. I’ll pay top dollar for those things to be safe and sturdy.

The trailer will be done March 7th (five week build, not too bad) and Mom and I are driving down to Portland to pick it up, and staying one night at the tiny house hotel Caravan.  Weee!!

I could probably say more about the trailer, and will later, but I’ve just gotten off a hectic pizza delivery shift and have to be up in 6.5 hours for a long day of cab driving. It’s all for the tiny house!

In the meantime here is some musical inspiration:


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