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Last week, everyone was all aflutter that Fish and Game was going to open up the back end of Port Snettisham.  A hatchery sits back there and the biologists believed half a million pounds of salmon were there in the water, waiting to go up the rivers to spawn.  ADFG announced Friday that they would open the area on Sunday.  We got extra ice and on Sunday morning motored slowly through the bay, a beautiful and quiet place, the mountains of the mainland and Snettisham Peninsula all granite and moss rising right up out of the water to ice and mist capped peak. The fog hung in long, thin bands across the water and clinging to the sides of the mountains.  Boats were anchored near the rock walls, waterfalls pouring down into the bay just behind them.

020 (6)

082 (5)

You could feel the tension in the air and then it was noon and the nets spooled out behind the boats and into the water.  A few hours later we watchd through binoculars as the pulled the nets back in and there we saw… nothing.  A fish or two every few feet.  Everyone was disgusted.  The half million pounds of salmon had all disappeared up the rivers the day before.

100 (6)

095 (5) 089 (7)

We hung around the area for another 4 days until fishing closed on Thursday.  The fog closed in.  Most everyone left.  On the boat we got bored, then antsy, then anxious.  The name ‘Snettisham’ will forever be synonomous to me with cabin fever.


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