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Rough Weather and Mercury Retrograde Hit the Fleet

So far: 1 blown engine 1 leaking gas tank 1 hole in a something something that almost sank the boat 1 brailer bag in a prop 1 broken bow thruster 2 midnight naked swims to save the boat 1 dislocated shoulder 1 smashed finger 2 almost sinkings 2 overboards (all survived) 1 something something else… Continue reading Rough Weather and Mercury Retrograde Hit the Fleet

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The Fleet Departs

Bristol Bay salmon season officially opens on June 25th. On that day, each fisherman is required to have registered with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) which river district they will be fishing in. Egegik, Ugashik, Nushagak, or Naknek-Kvichak. In the weeks before what is known to us as “Blue Card Day” (in… Continue reading The Fleet Departs

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Down In Bristol Bay

Today is 12th day of my 9th salmon season in beautiful Bristol Bay.  Time here is strange… the sun is up 20 hours a day and we work 90 hours a week at the moment, creating something like one long endless day.  12 days feels like 12 weeks.  Or more accurately, it feels exactly as… Continue reading Down In Bristol Bay