All Trails Challenge, cont’d: ALMOST HALFWAY THERE!

Bear and I have gone hiking twice this past month.  A few weeks ago we went out on a frigidly cold, but sunny day, and I got to play with the new camera my amazing family got me for Christmas.  This post will be mostly pictures.

Frozen waterfall on Bridge Ave.

Steps to the Ridge Trail


Honey Bear greets the Sun


Wildwood Trail



HB needed a rest




Coming down from Firelane 7, we found this guy in a tree off the Leif Erikson Trail.  I took about 100 pictures, trying to get a good one. This is the best I could do.


Brrr!  Honey Bear says, let’s go let’s go!


Coming down the end of Firelane 7 back towards Bridge Ave. and Highway 30, we found this sweet little meadow.  There was a box of chocolate milk abandoned in the grass, must be a hideaway for schoolkids.  Or one of the residents of the park just really like chocolate milk.


And finally… some Advice.

We did over 5 miles hiking yesterday, but it was pure sweat-until-you-don’t-feel-anxiety-anymore hiking.  No pictures and nothing much to write about.  But we’ve now logged 39 miles, which means we are just under halfway towards completing all 80 miles of trail in the park.  Yeah!!

Don’t forget, I’m trying to raise money for Forest Parkhere’s where you can donate!!

Kirsten and Honey Bear’s All Trails Challenge


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