Hail and Welcome

*This post was the intro to my original hiking blog which I’ve moved here to Wilde Wylde Rose.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my soul mate/sidekick Honey Bear.  She is a 6.5 year old German Shepherd/Akita mix.  I am an almost-31-year-old human woman. We like to hike.  Well… I do.  Honey Bear likes to be outside, though after about 2 hours of walking she’s dragging the leash and giving me the “fuck you, asshole” face.  She’s gotten rotund, bossy and a bit lazy in her middle age.  I just got healthy/happy for the first time since I was a young child and hiking was a big part of that.

artist and muse

We are lucky enough to live in the most amazing city on earth or in the Universe… Portland.  Portland is beautiful.  Portland is full of parks and art and flowers and fountains and weird people and good food and books and poetry and magic.  Portland has 11 bridges and the Willamette River and the most amazing thing of all, Forest Park.  Forest Park is a 5,172.14 acre park within our city limits.  It has 80 miles of trails.  Some days, if you go way up in the back of the park on a weekday, you can hike for 3 hours without sight or sound of another human or any indication that you are near a major city at all.  It takes 20 minutes from my house to get to most of the trail heads.  Did I mention Portland is magic?


HB and I have decided to complete the All Trails/All Dogs Challenge put on by the Forest Park Conservancy.  You agree to hike,run, bike or ride a horse on every mile of the trails in the park.  You raise money for the Conservancy and if you raise enough, you get cool stuff.  My personal goal is $250.  They’ll give me a trekking pole for that.  Did I mention much of Forest Park is in the Tualatin “Mountains”?  Mountain is a bit of a large word for these hills, but still… some of these trails are straight the fuck up and down the side of a “mountain” and I want that trekking pole.  I want it so bad.

As of today, HB and I have hiked just over 25 miles of the park, and we’ve got until mid-August of 2013 to complete the other 55 miles.  We’re totally going to pull it off.

I’ve decided to keep a blog of our walks in the woods… for writing practice, for a place to share the pictures I take of the woods, and for something to give people in exchange for helping me get my trekking pole.  Enjoy!

into the wild

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